Monday, 17 October 2022

7th Mini Saga Contest

 Can you imagine a story in 50 words?

Participate in the 7th edition of the Mini Saga Contest of the EOI de Santiago de Compostela!

Participation terms:

  • To enter, you must be a B2.2. or a C-level student enrolled in the EOI of Santiago de Compostela (Vite) or its satellite schools.
  • Write your mini saga in exactly 50 words (plus a title up to 15 words).
  • Send your text to no later than November 18th, 2022. Make sure you include your full name and the name of your group.
  • A maximum of 15 stories will be shorlisted and published here so that anyone can vote on their favourite mini saga. Public voting will be enabled until December 9th.
  • The 7 stories that receive the highest number of votes will be considered by a jury of teachers from the English department, who will choose the 3 winners based on the originality and linguistic quality of the stories.
  • Winners will be announced on December 16th, 2022.
  • EOI SANTIAGO retains the rights to publish your text online or in a printed compilation.

 Participation in this contest necessarily requires the unconditional acceptance of its terms.

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