Monday, 21 November 2022

7th Mini Saga Contest: Voting now open

 The time has come for us to announce the finalists of the 7th edition of our Mini Saga Contest! We've had dozens of submissions and have carefully read and marked them all until we reached 15 semi-finalists. Thank you to everyone who entered; we have really enjoyed reading your stories!

Help us choose the 7 finalists by reading the 15 mini sagas below and voting for your favourite story here. Public voting will be enabled until December 9th.The jury, who will be composed of members from the teaching staff of the English department, will judge the 7 stories that receive the highest number of votes and award 3 prizes based on their originality and linguistic quality. Winners will be announced on December 16th.

 A second chance

Mildred and Ruppert had been married for thirty years. Their passion didn’t last long. At first they cared for each other but over the time they avoided spending time together. Big little lies started; they eventually joined Tinder. A blind date. Ruppert was so excited.

- What the heck! It's Mildred!!!

A sorry ending

It’s finally over. And it had been intense, oh dear! Intense, indeed! He would never forget it even when it had lasted just for a few days. But what an experience! Every word, every feeling. Oh yes, every page!, he thought as he closed the book for the last time.

Bus to nowhere

He wanted to escape. He packed his suitcase, slammed the door, and took the first bus to nowhere. The destination didn´t matter. He would never go back. Never! But an hour later he was again in front of his house. Without realizing it, he had taken the circle route bus.


People in the street and lights in the sky. The little girl was looking through the window. She didn't like the deafening noises she could hear. Her father appeared: ''Are you afraid? Don't worry honey, they are just fireworks. Come on, it's time to go to bed''. Ukraine, February 2022

Love Actually

Ana spent her life loving a man who loved another woman that didn’t love him back, but fancied some other to whom she never professed her feelings, thank goodness, because he was enamoured of a green-eyed man who liked to roll in the hay with Ana every now and then.

Mutual surveillance

I’m peeping out through the hole. It looks like she’s sleeping, but I truly know she never lowers her guard. She’s always on alert. If only it would stop raining, I could have a chance to seek food. Oh no, she’s doing it again… I can’t stand her dreary purr.

Only a breath away

Only a breath, that's all I need to take your will down.

Like I did many times before.

To make you lay with me in bed.

A couple of days, or even more.

We’ll feel the heat,

We’ll lose the sense of time.

Because I’m the FLU and you’re mine.

Only once a year

I can´t fall asleep. I’m too nervous. I keep tossing and turning. My dog Otto’s by my side. He can´t sleep either. Tomorrow is the day. Only once a year. Such a big smile on my face…Otto’s smiling too.

8:00am. Beeeeeeeep. “The Three Kings have been here”, mum yells excitedly.

Perfectly Alone

Cameron is the type of guy that exudes confidence effortlessly, as if he was born with

it. He’s extremely handsome, very popular online, with piercing green eyes and a ripped body that he’s proud to show off. Cameron lives with his blind dog and never had a relationship. Bless Cameron.

Someone pulled the trigger

I remained motionless on a cold morning. It was too early and still dark. There was no escape. I found myself surrounded by men with eager eyes. I could just hear a low voice far away. After that, only silence. Suddenly, a shot was fired! The marathon had just started.


I get up early,

commute quickly

and work hard.

I have lunch on the go,

look after my kids,

and run some errands.

I do the housework,

answer the emails

and study a lot.

Utterly exhausted,

I end up the day,

closing my eyes and

making new and backbreaking plans.

Strategic move

Beads of sweat trickled down the rider's forehead: one false step and all the effort would be wasted. Many had fallen and hardly anyone was left in the rear, but just as he was about to give up, the white knight moved to d6 and the victorious player shouted: checkmate!

Too late to wake me up

It’s really nice to see family and friends altogether again. My graduation ceremony was the very last time we met and since then, cousin Luna has grown a lot. They all look so close right now. What a shame that I’m inside a coffin and I cannot kiss them all.

Ulterior motives

With death ever-present, she embarked on an ocean-crossing expedition with the sole purpose of keeping the lethal virus alive and managing to inoculate most of mankind. Her vials, some little orphans.

The human chain that carried the life-saving fluid was vital to spreading the smallpox vaccination. Isabel Zendal's priceless legacy.

When Weather meets Time

Somewhere by the ocean.

9 am, 14ºC, soft rain.

Perfect conditions for them to meet: medium, moderate and calm.

Weather was changeable, temperamental, lively, 4 months pregnant.

Time was apparently monotonous, trustable, experienced, wise.

They were meant for each other. …

When the baby was born, they named him Sea-son.

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